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My Chicago Home
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

And Now, A Little Technology Humor

Monmouth College left a recruitment message in our voice mail. Our spiffy new arrangement feeds these messages through a voice recognition system and emails them to us in text format. Remember that game "telephone," with kids whispering a message to each other to see how it emerges at the end? Well, this version of "telephone" had my family howling with laughter...

Message as it appeared in the email:

Date: Sep 19 2012 06:04:57 PM
From: MONMOUTH COLLEG (130********)
To: E. Bartholomew (16*****-****)

"Hi, this is Matt from Monarch College calling for ******. We were just calling to see how your senior year in high school is going and also to see if after a few groceries if you're gonna be interested in looking at at colleges mama college is very interested in having you attend here. Oh we are just wondering if you'd be interested in actually point here. If you haven't heard of us and we can check our website at mom's college that you. I love you. See what you're looking for a college education, then you can feel free to schedule a campus visit or apply online is completely free. They don't they wanna do either. So, we'll, we're gonna try to get a hold of you a couple weeks and if you have any questions you can feel free to call us at 1-800-***-****. Thank you" 

--- Brought to you by ***age --- 

This email was sent from a mailbox that does not accept replies. 

Isn't it great how communication keeps getting easier?!


  1. This is hysterical to me, for several reasons. One: such a funny translation. Two: my sister lives near there, and she would be howling at this, as she used to work for Knox College, which is a competitor. Great job giving us a laugh! See you on Saturday?