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Monday, November 11, 2013

Send Concrete Help to Philippines

Photo courtesy of Nasa/Wikipedia
Typhoon Haiyan as it made landfall over
the Philippines, November 8, 2013.
"Send concrete help," Pope Francis urged thousands of visitors at St. Peter's Square on Sunday, after Typhoon Haiyan left a feared 10,000 people dead across the Philippines. The Holy Father led faithful in prayer for the souls of the dead and survivors struggling without food, water or shelter.

Catholic Relief Services reported that 9.5 million people were impacted, and said its immediate focus is providing basic life-sustaining necessities. I trust this great relief group and have supported their efforts for years.

To get a feel for the scope of this typhoon's impact:

Wall Street Journal covers widespread devastation in the Philippines.
CBS News about one of the deadliest typhoons ever to make landfall.
New York Times Report says region was just recovering from an earthquake that shook the Philippines four weeks ago.

Let's keep our Filippino friends in prayer and send aid to rebuild their nation.