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My Chicago Home
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Green Lake Revery

Photo of Green Lake, Michigan courtesy of
Blackberry Bluff Retreat
Green Lake
By Marianna Bartholomew

Sand hued, milky aqua, dusky blue
ribbons of ripples
placid yet expectant

for the oar dip
the fin splash
the skimming skip of a stone

Heavens and waters
split gently
by undulating green

Fir boughs held wide
like welcoming arms
bear blithe, feathery tenants

They chirp for no human audience
singing praises to their Creator

Nothing like turning technology OFF to write poetry longhand, in a journal, by a tranquil summer lake. My family has tent camped at Interlochen State Park on Green Lake several times, enjoying evening concerts at Interlochen Arts Camp. My trumpet-playing husband attended the arts camp as a teen, providing him and his family a lifetime of good memories and a great, affordable, vacation destination spot.

(Indiana just passed an education resolution that children are no longer required to learn cursive in schools. They will be taught keyboarding instead. Yikes! I protest...On the Fourth of July, my family was admiring the elegant cursive on a facsimile of the Declaration of Independence. If children can't write cursive they won't be able to read it....thus whole generations will be cut off from reading the original documents upon which our country was founded. Let's brush up on cursive, teach it to our children, and never be too busy to write a little poetry!)