My Chicago Home

My Chicago Home
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Let's Be Refreshing

Plunging my nice organic peppermint into boiling water for tea, the thought occurred to me: bruising and tearing the leaves released their full flavor.

I just brought a big glass container of iced peppermint tea to a priest friend’s 10th anniversary of ordination party, and I was surprised to see the little children working the spigot on the carafe, taking one serving, and then another.

“What is this?” they asked, and I was excited to see a natural, un-sugared drink being so appreciated. You may know this: mint flourishes. So if you have none in your garden, plant a little plot, but contain it...or at least expect it to assert itself all over your yard if you don't keep it under control.

The secret to enjoying the mint to its fullest, like I said, is in the bruising of the leaves.  Put a couple handfuls of torn fresh mint in a pot of boiling water. Let it sit and steep for a nice while. Let it take its time…then enjoy it hot or iced. Be careful if you have reflux. It's a muscle relaxant and if you take too much, you could aggravate your reflux issues. But taken in moderation, it’s great for weight loss, digestion and so refreshing.

It’s also a good reminder: If you’re having a tough moment, day…life…then take heart. Let’s try together. We’ll let that tempering of tough times take place and with God’s grace, those bruises of life, whether little or big, will release our full flavor...our rich nature. We’re made to be a refreshment to the world.