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My Chicago Home
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Holiday

Photo by Marianna & Ed Bartholomew 

Summer Holiday
By Marianna Bartholomew

Green         to swim and roll in
                 to tickle face and feet
                 to smile in

Sweet         breeze to bathe and breathe in 
                 to wave arms and to sigh in

Smooth       lake to drift and dance in

Soft            cotton to wrap in

Gentle         arms to nap in

Originally called "Early Summer Holiday," I took the "Early" off in honor of August. I wrote this as a young, single woman, dreaming about the ultimate summer day -- shared with some amazing man who had yet to arrive on the scene...

God answered my prayers in my husband of 23 years. Back in the day when my man had his acoustic guitar out daily (he's a trumpet player now), we put these words to music. 

It's been such a busy summer. Lots of DIY projects and tasks. How about you? I just had to post a little reminder that summer (and time with our loved ones) is to be savored.

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  1. It looks heavenly. Great post, thank you - took me away from the stress of the city for a moment.