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My Chicago Home
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Gift

Chicago weather's been hovering 90 degrees and higher this past week, but evenings are a different story. Two days ago, I frizzled in the heat gathering raspberries in my garden mid-morning (can't find my straw hat anywhere), then shivered in my denim jacket at an outdoor jazz concert by 9:00 PM. I overheard someone say it's supposed to reach 97 degrees today. We have to be flexible and hearty in these northern parts!

To refresh the spirit and get these photos posted before the first day of summer on the 20th, I present to you my men, with a spring planting project! At the bottom is a corral of my most popular gardening posts, for you plant- and nature-lovers.

Nothing like a little father/son planting activity. My
youngest boy is manning the camera.

Precision at work, here!

My husband surprised me with a crabapple tree this Spring.
I've always wanted one. Notice the brown shape on our lawn?
Bent Grass is invading our city. The brown eventually
turns green.

Son #1 throwing his muscle into the project.

Creating a rich, new habitat. 

Great fit!

I didn't have to lift a finger on this one...
I'll always associate my men with this tree. Good job, guys!

My gardening posts have been among my most-visited. Here's a corral of these posts: Spinach-planting TimeWalking With God in the GardenFruits of our Labor

Photos by Daniel Bartholomew

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